What we do

A Scientific Study of the Furry Fandom.


We’re one of the world’s most published research groups dedicated to the study of the anthropomorphic fandom and its community: more simply, we’re academics who take a scientific approach to the study of the Furry Fandom; even more simply put, we study furries, and we’re leading the way on peer-reviewed scholarship on furries and their fandom.

As academics and scientists, first and foremost, we use the scientific method, and both quantitative and qualitative interdisciplinary methodologies, to pose questions and gather data about furries and their fandom. We attend furry conventions, do surveys and/or conduct interviews, study and analyze the collected data, and compare the results to other non-furry, fandoms or groups or the general population, and present these scientific findings back to the fandom in our science talks, and publish our results in peer reviewed journals.

We also make ourselves and our research available to the general public, and to the media to correct the misinformation and hopefully better inform discussion around furries and their fandom, and what they are, what they do, and most importantly, what they’re not, and what they don’t do. This article by Dr Roberts is just one of many examples of how furscience’s evidence-based, research findings can be used clear up popular misunderstandings about furries and their fandom.

Our goal is to understand the furry identity, what furries are, what draws people to the this unique and often misunderstood fandom, why furries are so misunderstood, and too often stigmatized, what does being a furry mean to furries, and through an evidence-based approach, we hope to broaden the scientific literature and inform the general public’s understanding of this group.

The funding sought and awarded to our team goes to further our research agenda, fund student development, disseminate our scholarship to the public, and add to the scientific literature.

To date our team has published and continues to publish extensively. Check out our Research Findings for yourself, or download our free book to get all the fun, furry facts!