Furscience might come to a con near you!

Conventions are a huge part of the furry fandom. Cons come in all shapes, sizes, and flavours, and they’re a wonderful illustration of what the fandom is all about.

We attend conventions to do surveys and conduct interviews to gather more data about the fandom, and we usually host various panels and a science talk where we get a chance to disseminate and discuss our latest research findings, and take all of the attendees’ burning questions about their fandom–Furries love science!

Sometimes we come with large presence and our big beautiful Furscience Booth with tables and video screens, complete with a full compliment of Furscientists and their Research Associates and Assistants; other times, it’s just a single Furscientist, handing out surveys, talking science, and answering questions; and everything in between.

Furscience Research Assistants pose in front of the Furscience Booth with furry attendees in fursuits at Furnal Equinox, a furry convention in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Furnal Equinox, Toronto, ON Canada 2019

Furscience is always willing to work with organizers on a con-by-con basis to best integrate our presence into their conventions’ programming. From con-specific survey requests to Guests of Honour status to media liaison duties, we can work with each con to best suit their needs.

Cons are a great way to meet, greet, and interact with furries from around the world.

Dr Courtney "Nuka" Plante discussing Furscience's latest research at the Furscience booth with a Eurofurence attendee in Berlin, Germany in 2019

Eurofurence, Berlin, Germany 2019

Our goal here to provide updates and information to the various furry conventions we’re attending in any given year, and to highlight the ones we’ve already attended. Please visit each of their links (provided below).

Furscience 2024 Conventions:

This is the list for 2024 to date, but the list isn’t final and may change as opportunities, partnerships, and resources further develop throughout the year.

Further Confusion, San Diego, California, USA

NordicFuzzCon, Malmö, Sweden

Texas Furry Fiesta, Dallas, Texas, USA

Anthrocon, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Past Conventions:

Furscience wishes to thank all of these conventions (below) who invited us, hosted us, or gave us permission to attend (in-person and/or virtually).

Alamo City Furry Invasion,  San Antonio, Texas, USA

Anthrocon, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

CanFURence, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

ConFuzzled, Birmingham, United Kingdom

Eurofurence, Berlin, Germany

Furality, a virtual reality furry convention.

Fur-Eh, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

FurnalEquinox, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

FurryPinas, Metro Manilla, Philippines

Fur Point

Further Confusion, San Diego, California, USA

Midwest FurFest, Rosemont, Illinois, USA

Oklacon, Watonga, Oklahoma, USA

OWOmacon, Nebraska’s Virtual Furcon

Texas Furry Fiesta, Dallas, Texas, USA

VancouFur, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

If you wish to have Furscience-IARP representation at your convention, please reach out to Malicious Beaver or Dr. Sharon Roberts.

To see more about the kinds of thing we do at Cons, watch this

Here’s a time-lapse of the unboxing and first practice set-up after getting our bid beautiful booth:

For a more complete list of all the cons, active and inactive, from around the world, please check out WikiFur.

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