How you can help

As a non-furry or just someone interested in furries or the fandom, here’s what you can do:

Relax! It’s OK to be curious. Our research team is driven by curiosity. Asking questions is normal, and we’re here to help, but you need to know that furries have historically experienced stigma for expressing interest and participation in the furry fandom, so you need to appreciate that stigmatized groups have a well-earned but wholly undeserved sensitivity about negative and inaccurate portrayals of themselves and their interests.

Typically, the uninformed tend to be misinformed, and negative media portrayals (e.g., the CSI Episode “Fur & Loathing“) tend to mischaracterize furries and the fandom as a sexual fetish whereas our research indicates that it’s overwhelming about friendship and art. Dr Roberts wrote an easy-to-read, highly accessible to a general audience, article for the The Conversation that answers some basics about Furries and debunks some of the most popular myths about the fandom.

By reading this you’re already doing something; you’re taking the first step, getting to know the facts. Our goal is to broaden general understanding, increase awareness, and correct where necessary misunderstanding through our evidence-based research.

Share what you’ve learned. If you see something here that interests you, chances are that others will be interested too, so share this page with them. If you have questions, just ask!