1.4 Education

The trends in the figure below have been observed consistently across a number of samples of furries,1 and show that more than 75% of furries have taken at least some post-secondary education.

1-4 education

26.8% of furries said that they had completed at least one degree.2 Furries who had completed post-secondary education were also asked to indicate what area/field they had specialized in. 24.2% of furries had taken “fine art” degrees (e.g., design, graphics, writing), while 27.9% of furries chose fields that directly involved computers (e.g., computer graphics, computing science, information technology, computer engineering). 11.9% of furries pursued a science degree (e.g., biology, chemistry, physics) and 11.9% an engineering degree.3 Furries’ level of education did not differ significantly from the level of education obtained by the comparable anime fandom.4

Other data corroborate the argument that furries, as a group, tend to be well-educated. For example, in a recent study,5 more than 40% of furries indicated that they had an A-range average in their most recent education (see figure below).

1-4 average grades of furries



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