3.5 Species Perception

We asked furries to rate their fursona species, as well as several other species, on a number of traits, expecting to find that different species scored higher on different traits1 However, something else happened, rather unexpectedly: regardless of the participant’s actual species (dragon, fox, wolf, etc.), they were more likely to see their particular species as more masculine and feminine than the other species, more sociable, more fun, and admirable than others. They were also more likely to see their species as less aggressive than others, even if it was a member of a species commonly assumed to be aggressive (e.g., a lion or a dragon). In short: furries are biased to see “their” species as better than others do, regardless of what the stereotypes of that species are. It may be the case that by identifying with a species held in a positive light may serve a useful self-esteem bolstering function for furries (a topic addressed in greater detail in section 3.12).


  1. International Online Furry Survey: Winter 2011


  1. Jules

    Regarding of species stereotypes, do you have plans of ever doing wider survey of what stereotypes and depictions* furries have for different species and how much they affect on creating fursonas and/or furry OCs? And does (some) species have completely different stereotypes when it comes to gender of the fursona/OC?

    *Pretty much on at least one of these bellow:
    -Hobbies and interests
    -Sexual orientation and/or gender identity
    -Kinks and fetishes

    • Admin

      Excellent question! Thanks for the suggestion and feedback. Have you check out the new book, available to read online or download for free here; specifically checkout Chapter 7: “Fursonas: Up Close and Fursonal” 😉

      • Jules

        I have (remember my speculation predictions in 5.1 Orientation from roughly 2 months ago?). I also now read the Chapter 7 and it gave me the answer I was looking for. Although there weren’t many common stereotypes listed aside ones bellow… (page 198):

        “Looking at some of the most popular fursona species, some consistent stereotypes were reported by participants, including the stereotype that wolves are loyal, foxes are sly, dragons are strong, cats are lazy, and rabbits are shy.”

        …But still I now have answer for my question I was looking for.

        Also: In Fursona Species (page 174) there was mention that you haven’t ever seen “human” fursona, so say hi to Sean Nick (do not steal)😂:


        • Admin

          You’re welcome! Thank you 🙂 and LOL–thanks for the pic 😉


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