Challenging Myths About Furries and Sex: Vice Media asks; Furscience Answers!

Vice Media (Canada) came to CanFURence in 2017 to speak with and record Furries and the Furcience team at work. Here are a couple minutes of what they got in a new piece just released yesterday. Unfortunately, some have experienced regional blocks, and if you can’t watch it in your area/country, apologies in advance. We’re advocating for this to change, but the decision isn’t ours, and we’re waiting as anxiously as some to see if this changes because the world needs to see this!


  1. “Media bruised” is putting it lightly. My instant reaction to reading “Vice Media (Canada) came to CanFURence in 2017” was “Thank god I didn’t go to CanFURence in 2017.”

    I would rather skip a con than risk even being in the background of some “look at the freaks” expo. I’m just so tired of it, it’s always surprising for me when an interaction with the media ends up being positive.

    Throwback to that time a chlorine gas attack at a con hospitalized several furries and the news anchors were laughing about it live on TV. Pretty much sums up my experience with the media on furries.

    • …we’re glad the end-product of the Vice Media (Canada) piece didn’t meet your well-earned media bruised expectations then! Quite the contrary, Vice was amazing, and they really “got it” because their producer took the time to listen to what the science (Furscience) actually said, and realized that the real story of furries and their fandom is a way more interesting!

  2. I can’t watch the video. This could help my mum and step dad understand that the furry fandom is not all about sex n stuff. My step dad thinks it’s a cult which it isnt.

    • I’d probably say that the best way to do that is to use a VPN of sorts. That’s probably the best way of doing it.

    • well then, so does my dad

  3. Hi,
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