8.3 Stigma Justification

While there are many furries who hold positive opinions of bronies, it raises the question of why so many furries feel negatively (or at least ambivalent) toward bronies. We asked participants, if they held a negative attitude toward bronies, to indicate why they felt that way.1 These responses were coded and fell into a few commonly held themes:

— 17.4%: They’re obnoxious, excessive, or attempt to force their culture on others
— 15.0%: They’re just not the same as furries
— 13.0%: Just a general dislike for them
— 12.3%: Don’t dislike the culture itself, but dislike specific bronies
— 11.9%: It’s unimaginative, a fad, shallow, or one-dimensional
— 11.5%: It’s silly, dumb, or immature

It seems that there are at least a few commonly held complaints or opinions regarding bronies and brony culture. In future studies it may be possible to test the tenants of some of these beliefs, to determine whether there is any merit to the complaints or stereotypes of the brony fandom. In the meantime, it is worth noting, with perhaps a touch of sad irony, that many of these same complaints are complaints that have been leveled at the furry fandom by non-furries (demonstrating that it is still quite possible for members of a stigmatized minority group to, themselves, stigmatize others).


  1. Anthrocon 2012 and IARP 2-Year Summary

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