1.6 Employment

As illustrated in the table below, more than half of the furry fandom works either part time or full time, while nearly half reports attending post-secondary school at least part-time. Approximately one third of furries are not currently employed (due, in part, to a lack of searching, disability, or factors such as being a homemaker, travelling, or taking a leave of absence). Approximately one in five furries are unemployed and in the process of looking for a job.1

Employment Status of Furries

Category (Choose all that apply)

% of Furries

Full-time Education34.8
Part-time Education11.2
Unemployed, Looking22.8
Unemployed, Not Looking6.9
Other (e.g., Homemaker)9.1

Furries were also asked to indicate their satisfaction with their current employment status. As you can see from the figure below, while there is tremendous variability on furries’ job satisfaction, furries do, on average, seem to enjoy their current employment.2

Job satisfaction of furries


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  1. Elijah Neal

    I was wondering about furries in the millitary, how many are there current, or prior enlistment and which field were they

    • Admin

      Thanks for your question! We have on-going data collection on that. It is so far incomplete and thus unpublished, but we’ll update this section with your specific inquiry in mind as soon as that data becomes available.

      • Kiwi

        I always hear a lot about how there’s a lot of furries in STEM, and it got me interested in seeing what careers are actually most common among furries, do you have any data on what fields of employment furries tend to have?

        • Admin

          Yes. See above ^ and below replies 🙂

  2. Turina

    Are we ever going to get one on the percent of furries in the info tech and programming industry

    • Admin

      Demographics will be updated with new data from the forth-coming book on or after its publication, late 2023/early 2024. Thanks 🙂


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