13.1 Status of the Fandom

In a series of focus groups,1 participants were first asked whether they believed that the fandom was getting better or worse. 71% of the sample believed that the fandom was getting better, while a small minority (4.2%) said that they felt the fandom was generally getting worse. Similarly, 56% of the sample said that they were getting increasingly more involved in the fandom, while 4% of furries indicated the opposite, that they were attempting to distance themselves from the fandom. These numbers largely coincide with other data on fan trajectory in the furry fandom.2


  1. Furry Fiesta 2014 and Longitudinal Study Wave 2
  2. See 2.2 Fandom Trajectory

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  1. Denis

    I think situation in furry fandom is getting worse because i see nsfw content more and more. I left furry fandom because of this problem, not because my friends forced me to do it or whatever.


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