2.11 Furry as a Choice

We asked furries and non-furries whether they believed that someone has control over whether they are a furry or not, with the options of “yes,” “no” or “I don’t know.” In the figure below, furries were twice as likely as non-furries were to say that furry was not a choice.W11 1 This may highlight a potential point of tension between furries and non-furries who may hold negative attitudes toward furries: to the extent that non-furries believe that a person who chooses to be furry could simply “stop being furry” to avoid social stigma, they may feel even more negatively about that person. Conversely, to the extent that a furry feels that they are unable to change who they are (i.e., what they find interesting), they may feel powerless against stigma or feel compelled to conceal their furry identity.2

2-11 belief that furry is a choice


  1. International Online Furry Survey: Winter 2011
  2. See 10.1 Disclosure

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