2.14 Spending in the Furry Fandom

In recent years, there has been a growing interest among vendors, convention organizers, and those marketing products to furries in the spending habits of furries. In light of this, we asked participants to estimate how much money they had spent in the past 12 months on a number of different furry-related categories1. The results are provided below in US dollars, both as average and median values. Given that the data were skewed by a small number of participants who had spent significantly more money than most furries, both the mean (average) and median (“middle value”, unaffected by extreme scores) values are displayed.

In the last 12 months, how much money have you spent on furry…

Item Mean Median
Physical art / commissions $113.46 $16.50
Digital art / commissions $175.11 $40.00
Erotic content $78.00 $0.00
Online sponsor pages

 (e.g., Patreon)

$55.48 $0.00
Conventions $1007.30 $540.00
Paraphernalia (e.g., ears, tails) $440.91 $50.00

An important caveat when interpreting these responses is that they were taken from participants who were attending a furry convention. As such, it is conceivable that they have a greater amount of expendable income (or are more willing to spend money on furry-related activities) than non-convention-going furries. In future studies, we will assess these same measures among a broader, online sample of furries for comparison.

It is also worth noting that furries spend considerably more money on digital artwork than on physical artwork, a trend consistent with anecdotal evidence provided by artists during artist-themed focus groups in previous studies. When looking both at median and mean values, it would seem that most of the money furries spend on artwork does not appear to be on erotic-themed content. It also seems that most furries do not use subscription services such as Patreon to support artists. Finally, it seems that conventions and furry-related paraphernalia make up the bulk of furry purchases – hardly surprising given the expenses associated with both traveling to a convention and with big-ticket items like fursuits.


  1. Anthrocon 2017 Study