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In past years, furries were asked to list their favorite artists and/or writers within the furry fandom. However, the wording of this question significantly limited its scope, given that many within the furry fandom create content for the fandom despite not being an artist or a writer (e.g., YouTubers, fursuit builders, fursuiters, convention organizers, musicians, etc.) To address this, we asked participants to list their favorite furry content creators (including YouTubers, suiters, artists, writers, etc.), and allowed them to list as many as they wished.

The result was a list of 1,316 unique creators. Given the extensiveness of this list, we are limiting the table below to the most frequently identified furries in the list. Those sharing the same rank tied in the number of times they were identified by participants.1 For historical interest, the 2012 results are also included below in a separate tab.

Favorite Furry Creators/Performers, Anthrocon 2017 Study2012 Study
Most Frequently Identified Furry Creators / Performers
Anthrocon 2017

Most Frequently Identified Furry Creators / Performers

Rank Creator(s) / Performer(s)
1 Telephone
2 Fox Amoore
3 2 the Ranting Gryphon
4 Majira Strawberry
5 Rukis
6 Uncle Kage
7 Kyell Gold, Pepper Coyote
8 Dark Natasha
9 Kenket
11 Blotch
12 LapFox Trax
13 Pocari, TaniDaReal, Tracy Butler
14 Alkali, Beast Cub, Fjord Frost
15 Marci McAdam, Nos Hyena, Ursula Vernon
16 Mathew Ebel, Rika, Tacklebox
17 Clockwork Creatures, Kacey Miyagami, Mary Mouse, Rick Griffin, Spawts, Zabu the Sergal
18 Blu the Dragon, Bucktown Tiger, h0rs3, Kabier, Meesh, Red Rusker, Tokifuji, Twilight Saint
19 Autumn Falling, Aycee, Booker Fox, Dark Nek0gami, Darkgem, Dreamkeepers, Facerot, Fluff-Kevlar, Furcast, Jasonafex, Kadath, M.C.A. Hogarth, Miles-DF, Paco Panda, Strobes, Zaush
20 Beauty of the Bass, Bri Mercedes, Duke (the Dancing Dog), Gill Panda, Immelmann, Jay Naylor, Michele Light, Mosfet, Sunny D, Thomas Fischbach, Tirrel, Vallhund, Wolfy-Nail

Most Popular Furry Websites and Content Creators (2012)

Most frequently identified websites and artists, from over 1100 unique names/sites.

Rank Website Artist/Writer
1 Furaffinity Blotch
2 SoFurry Dark Natasha
3 e621 Wolfy-Nail
4 DeviantArt Jay Naylor
5 Inkbunny Zen
6 Fchan Red Rusker
7 Wikifur Tanidareal
8 Funday Pawpet Show Rukis
9 Bad Dragon Kyell Gold
10 F-List Narse

This new list revealed a number of new popular content creators and performers that had not been identified in previous questions, in part due to the restriction in previous lists that the identified furries must be artists or writers. This list reveals the importance of considering fursuiters, musicians, and other performers among those who are influential in their contributions to furry culture.

In addition, we asked furries to indicate which websites they commonly frequented and had an account associated with. Participants generated 129 distinct websites, the most popular of which are displayed below.

Most Frequently Identified Furry-Related Websites

Rank Website
1 FurAffinity
2 Weasyl
3 Inkbunny
4 SoFurry
5 DeviantArt
6 Furry Network
7 Twitter
8 E621
9 Fur Amino
10 Telegram
11 F-List
12 Ferzu
13 Tumblr
14 Facebook
15 FurVilla
16 Pounced
17 Anthrocon Website
18 Instagram
19 Reddit
20 FurBuy

The most popular website by far was FurAffinity, a furry art repository and forum website. In fact, FurAffinity was identified seven times as often as the second most popular website, Weasyl. In fact, 84.6% of participants indicated that they had an account with FurAffinity. Of these participants, 10.3% said that they had two or more accounts on FurAffinity.

*refers to participant-generated frequency. The list is not continually updated and thus represents a slice in time and space when these data were collected. The views expressed and/or artwork produced by any individual(s) listed are solely that of the individual author’s/artist’s and do not reflect the opinions and beliefs of this website, Furscience-IARP, or its affiliates.


  1. Anthrocon 2017 Study


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    I would really appreciate it if I could get the full list of most popular creators/artists (the one with 1,316 people), or be directed somewhere where I could find similar info. Thank you so much.

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    I disagree that Furaffinity is the most popular website as i barely see any activity there. Everyone seems to be going to either E621 or Twitter for furry artwork while on FA i have been around since 2008 and things are only getting worse on Furaffinity. Most of my watchers have now inactive accounts, out of over 3K watchers i only receive 200-300 favorites despite the same image on Inkbunny has 800+ favorites from 2,5K watchers. They banned everything that looks too young even when its not which limits you on what you can post whilst on other websites i can post any artwork that i create. Their policies make no sense and their limitations are turning away a lot of artists missing out on new content while other website are growing and expanding. Furaffinity was great years ago but now its the kind of website where you log in and nothing happens. Simply put – its deserted!

    • Admin

      Thanks for your feedback. The names on these lists are participant-generated, reflect frequency and are limited to a specific time and place when and where the these data were collected. The best way to see your perspective reflected in the data is to participate in the data collection, live in-person at a con, or online when studies are announced, here, or via our various social media platforms 🙂

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    I strongly feel that Furcadia deserves a mention… It is a Guinness World Record holder after all. It’s completely about Furries. There is always an active community (600-1000 players per day) in a relatively small game-space. It’s simple, beautiful and effective. It’s been around for almost 25 years. Played since I was 12.

    • Admin

      Appreciate the feedback, but please note: this isn’t a “best dressed, top 10” style list. It’s participant-generated, so if participants who fill out a survey write “Furcadia,” enough times, it’ll be on the appropriate list. The names on these lists reflect only frequency and are limited to a specific time and place when and where the these data were collected.

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