9.3 Inclusion of Other in Self

In several of our studies, we have been interested in assessing the extent to which furries and non-furries (e.g., others at a furry convention) felt a sense of connection or inclusion within the furry and non-furry community. We assess these feelings using a scale called the Inclusion of Other in Self Scale1. In this scale, participants indicated the amount of “overlap” that existed between themselves and another group (either the furry fandom or non-furries). Higher numbers indicate greater “overlap” between the self and the group.

The data below2 show firstly, and perhaps unsurprisingly, that non-furries consider themselves to be more connected to non-furries than to furries. Furries, on the other hand, felt pretty much equally connected to both furries and non-furries, as a group. Unexpectedly, therians, most of all, felt the most overlap between themselves and the furry fandom, a finding consistent with other data showing that therians have been in the furry fandom for longer on average3 and incorporate elements of the fandom’s content (e.g., animals) into their sense of self.4

Self-group overlap with furries and nonfurries across samples


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