2.3 Fandom Activities

Given the diversity of the furry community, it is unsurprising that there are disagreements about what furries actually do. Based on the suggestions from furries gathered at conventions and fur meets, a list of 14 different furry-related activities was created. We asked participants to identify, on a 7-point scale, the extent to which they believed that each item was a significant part of what furries do (1 = completely disagree to 7 = completely agree). As the figure below illustrates, there are several activities which are nearly-universal aspects of the fandom (e.g., “Art,” “Community,” “Acceptance”).[tagcite tags=s11] Contrary to popular stereotypes about the furry fandom, “Drama” and “Sex” were not considered focal or important activities in the furry fandom.

2-3 importance of activities

Data from another study similarly reveal that there are a broad range of interests within the furry fandom, some of which (e.g., playing games, science fiction) are more popular than others [tagcite tags=FF16]. We discuss the specifics of several of these subgroups in greater detail elsewhere (Greymuzzles,[tagcite tags=1.1] Fursuiters,[tagcite tags=2.8] Artists and Writers,[tagcite tags=6.1] Therians,[tagcite tags=7.1] Bronies.[tagcite tags=8.1])

2-3 prevalence of subgroup in fandom

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