14.3 Time in Fandom

To test whether convention-going samples of furries differed significantly from online samples of furries, we compared the results of our largest online furry survey 1 to the results of a convention-based survey conducted at around the same time.2

Sample: con time in fandom

On average, convention-going furries report having been in the fandom for longer than furries in our online sample. These numbers have been consistently found across multiple surveys.3

Age of Identification as a furry
Age first joined the furry fandom

Convention-going furries were also older when they first considered themselves to be a furry and when they first encountered/became a part of the furry community. This may be a by-product of convention-going furries being older than online furries,4 but it may also be the case that people who are older (and presumably more mature) when they get into the fandom may be more likely to attend furry conventions.


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