1.8 Religion/Spirituality


While the majority of furries do not consider themselves to be religious (blue bars above), the fandom is far more diverse with regard to spiritual beliefs; furries are as likely to be spiritual as they are to be non-spiritual (orange bars above). When asked about their religious beliefs, nearly one-third of furries identified as either atheist or agnostic (see figure below). About 25% of furries are Christian, though many indicated that they did not regularly practice their faith or attend church. 11% identified as pagan, shaman, or Wiccan. Finally, the most populated category, “other,” comprised of participants who had their own belief systems, were undecided, refused to answer, or had uncommon belief systems. Taken together, the data suggest that the furry fandom contains a diversity of religious and spiritual beliefs, and it’s worth noting that despite this, religion is seldom a point of conflict for furries.1

Religious affiliation of furries

When compared to members of other fandoms (see figure below), furries are comparably religious.2

Religiousness of fan groups


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  1. ocelot

    humans are in essance furries because of evolution – not religion

  2. kylethefox

    as a christian furry i want all to know that my christianity comes first and i regularly attend church and practice my faith, for any other christian furries out there i encourage you to do the same! thanks!

  3. Finley

    I’m Wiccan but I’m glad to see how diverse the furry fandom is with religion and spirituality. 🙂


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