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Our 2023 studies are under review at our various institutions’ ethics offices, so check back in early 2023 to participate!

The following studies are now closed.


The results continue to be analyzed and used to inform future studies and on-going research. Updated results will be posted to Research Findings

We thank you for your participation!

Study 1: Furries: Interested in doing an online study about fantasy and the furry fandom?

Click here to take part in the 2016 IARP Fantasy Study – Part I.  This study will be open until Saturday, November 5, 2016.

Study 2: Furscience Universal Recruitment Project (FurP). Become part of the FurP!

This project is designed to create a database of basic demographic and other personality (e.g., happiness, sexual orientation, wellbeing, gender identity) information that will permit the International Anthropomorphic Research Project (IARP; team to contact participants for specific research projects.

For example, we often want to study groups that occupy unique identity markers in the fandom (artists, people with multiple fursonas, greymuzzles, therians, females, LGTBQ, people with disabilities, new fandom members, long-time fandom members, etc).

To read the informed consent letter and participate, click HERE.

Study 3: Therian/Otherkin Focus Groups and Interviews:

At Anthrocon 2017, the FurScience (International Anthropomorphic Research Project) team of researchers conducted three different Therian/Otherkin related research projects…

Study 4: Furscience 2017 International Survey.

Click here or below:

Study 5: Autism Study. We are looking to understand the experiences of furries who are on the autism spectrum.

You do not have to be formally diagnosed with autism to participate. You are welcome to participate in the survey if you have a formal autism spectrum diagnosis or identify as being on the autism spectrum, if you have a friend or loved one on the autism spectrum, or if you are interested in the topic for other reasons. This study has been reviewed and received ethics clearance through a University of Waterloo Research Ethics Committee (ORE# 22246). Click here to participate!

Study 6: Big Furry Survey.

We want to share our big annual Anthrocon Study with our online Participants. The survey was first released in paper version at Anthrocon, July 2018. Please see the informed consent for all the study details. This study has been reviewed and received ethics clearance through a University of Waterloo Research Ethics Committee (ORE# 22134). Click here to participate

Study 7: Furscience Online Summer 2019 Study.

In this study, we will be collecting information about numerous topics with the hope of gaining a better understanding of the furry fandom and with the goal of testing the replicability of findings observed by other researchers who have studied furries. Specifically, we are exploring the nature of being a fan of furry content, motivation to be a furry, the nature of furries’ interaction with fandom-related material, sexuality, demographics, fursonas, and relationships. This survey is estimated to take approximately 30 minutes. Participants should be 18+ and questions about adult content are included in this study. This study has been reviewed by, and received ethics clearance through a University of Waterloo Research Ethics Committee. Click HERE to read the informed consent and to participate!

Study 8: Fandoms & Fantasy Engagement Study (Release July 2, 2019)

In this study, Drs. Sharon Roberts, Stephen Reysen, Courtney Plante and Kathy Gerbasi will be collecting information about numerous topics with the hope of gaining a better understanding of the furry fandom and other fandoms. We will be collecting information about numerous topics with the hope of gaining a better understanding of fandoms. Specifically, we are conducting an exploratory study of being a furry, fantasy engagement, identity formation, wellbeing, assessments of other fan groups, and LGBTQ inclusion in fandoms. We will also as some demographic questions (i.e., age, sexual orientation, education, etc.). This survey is estimated to take approximately 20 minutes. Participants should be 18+. This study has been reviewed by, and received ethics clearance through a University of Waterloo Research Ethics Committee.

Click HERE to read the informed consent and to participate!

Klick hier für die Deutsche Version der internationalen Studie der drei Fandoms von Furscience

Study 9: Furscience Summer 2020 Study.

We are doing an anonymous survey (60 min) about the furry fandom, including questions about relationships, the Covid-19 pandemic, attitudes toward animals, spending habits, and demographic information. This survey is being put online and will be available to furries all over the world. Participants must be over the age of 18 and self-identify as a furry. Participants are eligible to win a $25 Amazon gift card (draw entries will be confidential and not associated with survey responses). You can take the survey online HERE The survey will be open until September 30th 2020. This research has been approved by, and received ethics clearance through, the Bishop’s University’s Research Ethics Board and by a University of Waterloo Research Ethics Committee.

Study 10: Furscience Summer 2021 Survey

I’m Dr. Courtney Plante (Nuka), and I’m hoping you can help out the FurScience team with a psychology study we’re conducting…

Study 11: Furry Fiesta 2022 & Anthrocon 2022 Online Furry Survey

Hi, we’re hoping you all can help us out with a psychology study we are conducting. We are doing an anonymous survey (30 min or less) about the furry fandom. This survey was also handed out to attendees at Texas Furry Fiesta (March 2022) and Anthrocon (July 2022). Participants over the age of 18 are eligible to win a $50 Amazon gift card (up to 20 gift cards will be given, draw entries will be confidential and not associated with survey responses). You can take the survey online HERE. The survey will be open until July 15, 2022.



  1. Fang paws

    Hello awesome work was nice seeing you at FE

    • Admin

      Thanks! Nice seeing you, too!

  2. Kevin R. Min

    Dear Dr. Nuka and all the professors of IARP:
    Thank you for reading this letter. I am Min from Mainland China. Recently I heard from one of my furry friends, Simone Parker, that the IARP has published the latest survey in 2018. I am not sure if I am suitable to join this survey and/or complete this questionnaire. However, I really wish to do something for this field. Therefore, I am willing to participate in it. It is wonderful for me to receive your informations. Also, I would like to have the address of your surveys, if this is an appropriate request.
    Thanks again for your kindness! All the best!

    • Admin

      Thank you for the inquiry. Let’s bring Dr Roberts into this. If you don’t hear from her in a bit, please feel free to reach out to her directly.

  3. Dasher Cheetah

    Happy to see furries being recognized as a legitimate group of people in the great pool of humanity.

    • FoxTailedCritter

      Ooh this should be interesting to do~! ^__^

    • Iris


  4. Vervain

    Thank you for the quizzes and gathering research on the topic of therianthropy. Hopefully, it’ll help people to better understand it in the future.

  5. Orthodox

    Thank you for doing invaluable research on autism and the furry fandom. I strongly believe that this will help provide insights into not just participation in the furry fandom, but also into how those on the autism spectrum try to grapple with social situations in this kind of context. I’m eager to see the results of this survey, as well as Dr. Fein’s finished work on the topic.

    • Naxo

      Hey, i think that kind of study would be great! i am a furry, sadly with mental disabilities such as a minor case of autism, but i want more people to look at me from a different perspective. people nowadays just make fun of me and my friends for being furries, or even making fun of them for being my friends, i’d love for a survey or something to be taken to try to help us make people reach an understanding we’re not much different than normal people.

  6. Kiarla

    Found this website in a news article on CNN yesterday! I’m new to the community.

  7. Eclipse

    This is great, and I mean that in every literal way. Furries have such a bad rep in the “real world” and it sucks to see people shamed for who they want to be. It isn’t fair that people outside of the fandom can make all the “mistakes” under the sun, but as soon as some people decide to express themselves, they are deemed highly inappropriate and are labeled as “sex freaks.” Even as there are people in the furry fandom who decide to take part in that, that doesn’t mean the rest of us do. It’s also very unfair for the people who do take part in that stuff to be called freaks when the people of “regular society” do it for drugs or money. My opinion here probably wasn’t wanted/needed, but I felt the need to say thank you for reading this paragraph, and for creating this program. It really can open peoples eyes to the trueness of this fandom, and not the small dark side (which is also in every other fandom out there.)

  8. Fao

    Thank you for presenting at MFF this year, Dr. Fein. It was a pleasure to meet you and I found your panel very enlightening. I look forward to your future research.

  9. Draugvorn

    Hi furscience, just a small suggestion concerning the link to the German version of Study 8: Fandoms and Fantasy Engagement Study. The German text is wrong, sorry. I know how hard it is to get German right, even though I am a native German speaker.

    So far, the text translates more or less to:
    “Click here for the German version of the International Study of the three Fandoms of Furscience”. Is that what you want it to say?

    If so, consider changing it to:
    “Klick hier für die Deutsche Version der internationalen Studie der drei Fandoms von Furscience”
    Please note the capitalization, as it carries meaning in German.

    Alternatively, the more formal version of that sentence would be:
    “Klicken Sie hier für die Deutsche Version der internationalen Studie der drei Fandoms von Furscience”

    However, as the study is targeted at furries, I would advice against the formal version and stick with the informal one.

  10. Raven

    Dear Dr. Roberts & the IARP Research Team:

    My name is Raven, and I’m a new furry. I reallyreallyreally love all the work you’ve done, my mind is constantly being blown whenever I discover a new statistic or interesting fact! You’ve opened my eyes, and I plan to use your work to inform other people and perhaps change their views on furries as a whole! With that being said, I would greatly love to take part in your studies. I took the general survey, but since I am not yet 18, and I don’t want to lie about my age, I can’t take the Furscience Summer 2019 online survey! Could you perhaps make your surveys more broad ranging, or else make surveys anyone can participate in? I’d love to take part but I don’t want to break any rules or skew the data!

    • Admin

      Thank you, and you’re welcome! Unfortunately, current research ethics guidelines means that we’ll just have to wait until you’re 18 to capture your data. Thank you for spreading the facts and your enthusiasm! The more our work is shared, the more our work is cited, the more influence it has on the media, the better our chances are that we’ll still be around (and funded) to study furries in the future, including you, when you’re finally 18 🙂

  11. Krishtuleghsh / Kurisutaru Tasogare

    After having taken the Autism Survey, I felt at ease, but when taking the Therian/Otherkin Survey? Oof… That one hit close at home! I broke down in tears, answering that one, and it took me over 1 and a half hours, if not 2 hours for that Therian/Otherkin Survey. It was a grueling, time-consuming hell, that I opted-in to participate in, and I wanted to finish such, and have such results published. It was painful to endure such scars from long since past, having opened back up, but for the greater good, of helping others like me, and giving them hope, showing ppl that even though we’re not exactly, human, but an animal of some kind inside a human body, that we are still capable of emotion, still capable of pain, still capable of getting hurt. We may be fragile, but we are not alone, and my survey answers prove just that. Answered honestly, I felt all my worries wash away, and all the pain i suffered and endured, finally being let go. Just typing this and reading my own comment makes me cry tears of joy.

    This was a great help to me, and made me more open about myself as a result. Can’t wait to meet you at Alamo City Furry Invasion 2020! I so wanna just give you all a hug for helping me come out, and be proud of myself, for who I am. FurScience? No words can show how much I’m thankful for the surveys you’ve provided. No hugs can show how much pain was just washed away at the end. THANK YOU! <3

  12. Koush

    Hey fellow researchers!
    I remember that some years ago we used to have an (or some?) annual extensive survey for the whole fandom to answer online, but it’s been some time since I last saw people talking about it. Are you folks at IARP planning on doing this online annual extensive survey for 2020? 🙂 It was very nice seeing the result data.
    Here on Brazil we had a HUGE (really huge for our numbers) influx of young furries attending cons with their parents, and I think it would be nice for them to get to know about this project ^^

    So, yeah! tl;dr, any plans for those extensive online surveys in 2020?


  13. Jerome Bunag

    I’m a closet furry and need help coming out to my family. I could really use support.

  14. Dave N.

    I’m going to repeat something I said in the survey itself. It never asked why I was a furry. And it seemed to assume that I wanted to see myself as an anthropomorphic character. I do not.

    It’s understandable, I suppose. I’m a very unusual type of person in the furry fandom. I never had the desire to be anything more than a more idealized version of myself. That, and I’m a hardcore naturalist–all phenomena are products of natural forces, there is nothing beyond/outside of nature, and nature is tangible, inanimate, and without intention. I’m not the most tolerant person of superstition.

    But as for why I’m a furry? It’s because something’s glitched out/malfunctioning in my brain. I find the natural human body to be sexually repulsive. To use an analogy, “I wasn’t born in the wrong body. Everyone else was!”

    The worst part about this is that I’m not asexual or aromatic! I want sexual intimacy and romantic intimacy! But I can’t get over just how unnatural the bodies of other human beings look to me. To me, being a furry is actually a form of pain.

  15. Leaf(Makayla)

    Hello, im leaf(my real name makayla), and i would like to say think your for this survey,it helps me better understand myself😁🐺

  16. Foxtailedcritter

    Love what you guys do ^__^


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