3.11 Self-Fursona Similarity

Given that many furries indicate that their fursonas come, at least in part, from within themselves,1
we have tested the extent to which furries perceived their fursonas as being similar to themselves.

In one study, furries indicated that their fursona’s personality was very similar to their own, with 35% of furries saying that they were virtually identical.2

Similarity of fursona to self

In another study, we asked furries to distinguish between physical similarity, psychological similarity, and behavioural similarity.3

The results, displayed in the figure below, show that furries feel psychologically and behaviourally similar to their fursonas, though the similarities apply far less when it comes to skin-deep physical similarities.


  1. See section 3.4 Fursona Origin
  2. 2013 Fursona Survey
  3. Anthrocon 2015 Study, Artist Survey, and Post-Con Depression Study

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